• Caramel cooking academy

Caramel cooking academy

"Cuisinez Caramel": A culinary competition involving 22 chefs and unique
recipes using 8 of our caramels

Caramel is a complex ingredient which brings taste and colour but which can also be sweet and blonder or exhibit deeply roasted aromatic notes. Traditionally used in flans, dessert creams, ice creams and other sweet products, caramel is also used in the Asian cuisine: with pork or shrimps, Peking ducks, etc.

The idea of "Cuisinez caramel" (litt. "Cooking Caramel") is to widely explore the use of caramels in unconventional uses. Thanks to a remarkable partnership between Nigay and the Loire Regional Chefs Association, a recipe book (preface by the Chef Pierre Troigros) with Nigay caramels was published in 2015 following the 1st "Cuisinez Caramel" competition.

The adventure goes on…
Nigay is proud of its innovative role in bringing together industry and talented in inventive Chefs.

Association of Pastry ChefsIf you are a Chef and you would like to be part of the next "Cuisinez Caramel" experience? Then sign up for our next competition by sending us an email at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Nigay is a sponsor and Associate Member of the Association of Pastry Chefs UK.

Cuisinez Caramel


Discover the concept of our competition and the signature recipe of Chef Christian Têtedoie, President of "Maîtres Cuisiniers de France"

picto camera videoPresentation of the "Cuisinez caramel" competition

picto camera videoThe signature recipe of Chef Christian Têtedoie