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The one-shot technology is based upon the almost simultaneous discharge of filling (caramel for example) and shell mass (chocolate) into a mould.

> A one-shot depositor has two concentric nozzles, an inner and an outer one. The outer nozzle is connected to the chocolate supply and the inner nozzle is linked to the filling supply. The centre is deposited down the inner tube. The tempered chocolate is going through an outer ring and enrobing the filling.

> The number of kilos processed per hour depends on the type of machine but also on the product. Artisanal Chocolatiers or small businesses usually opt for a oneshot dosing machine with a single row of nozzles. For industrial customers, we are moving towards machines capables of dosing several rows of products at once. Yields can thus vary from 30kg to 7 000kg per hour.

Advantages of this technology

> Speed: The whole product is formed in one single depositing step: increased productivity on the line.

> Precision: The weight set on the programming panel is truly respected, allowing you to accurately control the amount of material consumed. All the chocolate candies made are identical to each other. The proportion of the shell can be reduced to 10%: less chocolate used, better margins.


> Viscosities of chocolate and filling should be as close as possible to each other at the dosing temperature.

> The temperature of the filling must be lower or the same than the one of the tempered chocolate to avoid altering the crystallization of the chocolate.

> Increased risk of fat bloom in comparison with conventional moulding.

> Some ingredients with specific textures cannot be deposited with one-shot (e.g. hard marzipan, highly aerated fillings, whole nuts…).

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