The caramel


Did you know that there are 3 main flavours for caramel?

1. Sweet (for all the caramels)

2. Bitter (for the longer cooked caramels)

3. Salt (for salted butter caramels)

But did you know that there are many different descriptors that can be attributed to caramel? 

Discover them in our flavour wheel!

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At the heart of the

"Self-care" trend

Consumers are actors of their health and well-being and more and more attentive to their diet. They favour products "without" (added sugar, additives...), choose foods "enriched in" (fibers, vitamins, proteins, calcium...) and reduce their consumption of foods high in sugar and fat.

Following this trend, Nigay offers nutritionally optimized caramels.

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Dairy products

Nigay, the art and science of caramelization

Nigay is a company of passionate people with an expertise in all sorts of caramels. Our team is constantly innovating and works to answer economic, environmental and societal challenges of the food-processing industry.

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Website launch of

"Cuisinez Caramel"

It's here! We invite you to discover our brand new website "Cuisinez Caramel" dedicated to chefs and artisans!

Find inspiration from chefs recipes, get some tips from our experts and be involved in the experience by sending us your recipe!

The idea of “Cuisinez Caramel” is to widely explore the use of caramels in unconventional uses.

Contact us and find more on: www.cuisinezcaramel.com