At the heart of the

"Self-care" trend

Consumers are actors of their health and well-being and more and more attentive to their diet. They favour products "without" (added sugar, additives...), choose foods "enriched in" (fibers, vitamins, proteins, calcium...) and reduce their consumption of foods high in sugar and fat.

Following this trend, Nigay offers nutritionally optimized caramels.


FG LOWSA caramel filling with a sugar content < 5% and a high content of fibers (32%)

This caramel is a reformulation aid. Its short texture makes it an ingredient with the same functionalities as a traditional filling, with optimized nutritional benefits. Applications: chocolates & biscuits


 CARADATTEA caramel filling with date syrup

Perfect to reformulate your finished products, this caramel has a reduced content of saturated fatty acids (-30%) and a high fiber claim (twice as much as a standard filling). Applications: chocolates, biscuits, desserts & puddings


DFC 02A vegan caramel sauce

It is lactose free, soy free and palm oil free. We came up with a gourmet recipe with coconut milk powder and a natural flavour. Applications: ice creams & dairy products