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Ice creams

Bringing caramel crunch, taste & colour to ice creams

With an ever-growing range of tastes, colours & textures, Nigay caramels offer intense sensory experiences. Discover our range of coated caramel pieces which keep theire crispness!

applications glace
  • Aromatic caramels
    • For blending into the ice cream mix to enhance taste. They can also be used as ripples.
  • Caramel colours & burnt sugars
    • Caramel colours are used for colouring caramel, coffee, vanilla, chesnut, rum and raisins ice creams
    • Burnt sugars bring both colour and taste
    • Clean labelling: "Caramel" if they bring taste to the finished product (for more information, refer to EUTECA decision-tree)
  • Caramel fillings
    • Speciality grades for creating ice cream ripples, caramel centers and  toppings
    • Wide taste spectrum: salted butter caramel, butterscotch, toffee, milk caramel, creamy caramel, dulce de leche, "crème brûlée"…
  • Caramel pieces
    • Caramel pieces provide a crunchy effect, visual appeal and melt in the mouth to give a sweet caramel flavour burst
    • Topping (surface decoration)
      • Speciality grades are coated with cocoa butter to protect them from moisture (to be used in the mass)
The art and science of caramelization